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10 Essential Tools to Support Digital Transformation


The dynamics of the world's business scenario are evolving rapidly. Several transformations are witnessed in every business module powered by some powerful tools. Many of these have been developed by great innovative minds and are actively employed to improve a company’s performance and change data formats wherever needed.

A few of the largest business giants of our time like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook form the backbone of these innovative tools. Truly, they have realized the importance of staying ahead of their competition and justified the reasons for every aspiring enterprise to employ them in their respective businesses.

You can no longer afford to walk when the rest of the business world is running!

Here we examine the top 10 tools that are must-have to enhance your management and communication skills.

Primarily, the main benefits of digital transformation tools include:

  • Optimizing time management

  • Assuring a better Return on Investment [ROI].

  • Enhancing both internal and external communication.

  • Centralizing a Database.

  • Ensuring employee satisfaction and involvement.

  • Confirming customer retention and helping with newer client acquisitions.

Here we examine the top 10 tools that are must-have to enhance your management and communication skills.

  • Cloud-based integrating tools:

There are times when your data needs to be shared either with your employee that can be based on different parts or with experts to improvise your data or with your clients to exhibit the current status of the ongoing work and other important applications

A] There is no better way than to store your data in the Cloud from where it can be accessed by all concerned parties. Prime examples of these tools are the entire Google Suite which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Calendar. All the information that you wish to share can be uploaded to any of these and can be viewed by the concerned people in real-time.

B] Microsoft Office 365 provides a wide array of versatile tools that can satisfy any organization's essential needs. Some of these are absolute necessities and include Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, which are critical to creating documents, whereas, One Drive, Teams, and Outlook are excellent sharing options.

  • Communication Tools

The role of communication in business is well-known. This can make or break an organization in almost all daily activities like production, critical data inputs from employees, and other sources. The best way to incorporate an efficient communication network is to use a Data Centralized System that holds all the information for the optimal functioning of any business.

Tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet assist in team collaboration by involving everyone who may be concerned with a process. Simultaneously, information can be shared with Stakeholders for user input. No one can complain about not having information about anything. Good communication also provides efficient work-from-home opportunities to eliminate the expenses of having large established offices.

  • CRM Tools

Customer relationship management plays a critical role in enhancing a company’s prospects. Having a loyal customer base is the dream of any business enterprise. This is where CRM Tools come into play They can keep the customers abreast with updated reports about their projects and shorten the work cycles to ensure customer retention.

  • Sophisticated Intranet Platforms

These platforms belong to the new generation of digital tools A classic example of an advanced Intranet platform is LumApps which facilitates employee input collaboration and suitably integrates with the digital information sharing suite used by the company. In addition, this platform is flexible to be modified by an organization to customize according to their specific needs.

  • CMS Tools

Digital transformation is incomplete without a good Customer Management System incorporated. This enables a company to manage and optimize its websites and mobile applications and be a vital ingredient to hold a prospective client’s interest.

These systems include WordPress, Prestashop, and Drupal Not only are these systems economical, user-friendly, and customizable to meet any specifications. It is this unique feature that makes them indispensable.

  • Optimal Cloud Storage Systems

Every enterprise that is looking to widen its business interests, by making it available to be accessed by anyone worldwide who desires to have a deeper insight into the nature and components of the enterprise, must be well aligned with a competent cloud storage facility.

An organization may have several retail associates and field workers who need to access all the information useful to them and can do so with a compatible cloud storage system in place. However, there is a security breach aspect that must be accounted for when engaging with cloud technology, namely unwarranted attacks from cyber criminals. One must ensure to engage with a system that is GDPR Compliant [General Data Protection Regulation] certified.

  • Efficient Project Management Tools

Every enterprise knows the relevance of enhancing efficiency in its business model. This is achieved by employing a high-quality project management tool. Business teams can create and implement specific tasks at pre-determined time intervals to ensure that everything is progressing with clockwork precision. Project management tools, will trigger timely email alerts or issue notifications to everyone concerned whenever a malfunction is detected in a process. Also, these tools can suggest the current status and future trajectory.

  • Tools for Recruitment Management

The quality of recruitment can play a dominant role in the success of an enterprise. It is no wonder that the whole process of hiring or onboarding is attributed with significant importance.

The entire process of requesting the need for new talent for a specific position, creating well define guidelines for the proposed candidate, identifying the right person, and sharing it with concerning HR, can be a seamless process with a good recruitment management tool in a company’s digital transformation journey.

  • Digital Accounting Tools

The importance of employing digital accounting is invaluable to a company’s overall well-being. What was once considered an elaborate and time-consuming process, can now be achieved by selecting the best one suited for your company’s profile.

Besides, it will ensure that no erroneous readings creep in which occurs with human input. Also, managing an entire accounts department can now be eliminated.

  • Payroll Management Tools

This is another area where a digital tool becomes a necessity especially when it comes to catering to a large employee base. There is no longer the need to track an employee's attendance and leave record. The payroll management tool takes care of everything with utmost precision and in quick time.

No longer are employees expected to sign musters or fill in spreadsheets etc, this tool handles all the essentials of the entire payroll process.

Final Words

While all the digital transformation tools presented here may look enticing, but, choosing the best one for your individual need is another matter. It can be a daunting task for any organization to engage with the best-suited ones.

It is strongly recommended that one seek expert guidance from an experienced and qualified professional in this domain to make your digital transformation successful.

Feel free to ask for high-quality guidance. Call Alpha BI Consultancy for more information.

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