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  • Navjyot Gill

Business Automation : An Overview


The very core of our lives has been impacted by business automation in more ways than one and it is almost unimaginable to assess where we would be without this innovative process.

Simple tasks that were conducted manually and took hours to generate a report are now done instantaneously. From banking to healthcare and manufacturing assembly lines in auto, pharma and related industries, all rely heavily on automation presently, and justifiably so. The number of labor hours saved and the resultant economic benefits that accrue justify the implementation of appropriate business automation.

Besides, customer satisfaction has been enhanced and the human-error factor has been eliminated!

Understanding Business Automation

In essence, business automation is the employment of sophisticated technology in routine processes. Over the last few years, the ever-evolving market dynamics have necessitated the need for automation to perform our everyday tasks.

By eliminating the manual input, business automation has saved critical essentials like time and money. Employees can now utilize their abilities in more productive areas, while automation takes care of the routine menial tasks.

The outcome of using intelligent business automation is obvious, the corresponding productivity reports and balance sheets, reflect factual beneficial evidence.

The Resultant Benefits of Business Automation

Starting from the grass-root levels, what was once the ultimate aspiration of every Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Manager and Employee to work in a streamlined and efficient environment, business automation has empowered them with pinpoint precision and exceptional processes, that create an atmosphere that induces a greater employee involvement.

Furthermore, business automation when enriched with Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Robotic process automation [RPA] brings new opportunities to the table. It is now possible for processes to anticipate the next course of the desired action, saving essential resources as a consequence. It is now possible to get results without human involvement. Many tasks can be completed when you are away or asleep. It is estimated that an amalgamation of these services can help businesses save billions of dollars in a single year.

The huge benefits of business automation were demonstrated during the recent Covid-19 Pandemic. It was a given that the economic wheels of the world could not stop. Businesses had to survive if not thrive.

Technology responded magnificently and created suitable business automation tools to empower businesses to a relatively higher level.

“According to Zapier’s 2021 State of Business Automation Report, 63% of small business owners say business automation tools helped them make the pivot. And the results are impressive: 88% of small companies say it enables them to compete with big businesses”.

In a nutshell, the main benefits of business automation used in numerous Processes [where each process can be sub-divided into numerous smaller applications] can be categorized as:

  • Productivity and Efficiency have established higher goals.

  • Machines and systems can operate in quick time with similar experiences encountered previously.

  • It gives a small business owner a level playing field – A competitive advantage.

  • It saves time and permits more outputs with the same resources.

  • Customer experience is heightened.

  • The human-error factor is eliminated.

The Role of a Business Automation Consultant

Primarily a business automation consultant can offer customized solutions concerning the relevant areas within an organization after a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses.

In a world flooded with business automation tools and gadgets, it can take a ‘Herculean Effort’ for lay business owners to choose the ones most suitable for their specific requirements.

A Business Automation Consultant is a must-have in any organization. Additionally, they can provide appropriate training to the employees.

This is precisely where competent business automation consultants step in. They stay abreast with the latest technological innovations/launches and can help in identifying the ideal automation types of equipment that are best suited for a specific process to get the maximum mileage from it. Importantly, they can help in identifying the most reliable automation tools.

Business Automation Services

With Cloud technology being incorporated with Artificial Intelligence [AI} into business automation, the spectrum of services available has broadened, resulting in better and more accurate practical applications.

Now varied solutions have been analyzed with artificial intelligence and are instantly available, reducing the time factor considerably.

Business Automation Companies

The development of Business Automation is a landmark breakthrough in taking business, processes and applications to greater heights.

Some of the Top Corporations that have the Financial and Technical resources are briefly analyzed:

NVIDIA: Most of the tools and Chips that power AI have been designed and manufactured by them. Metaverse, a Sophisticated AI tool has made advanced gaming a reality.

Alphabet Inc. which owns giants like Google and Youtube needs no introduction. is the world's largest online retailer is all powered by AI.

Microsft Corp. is right up there with its advanced cloud computing technologies and Windows options.

Final Words

The impact of Business Automation in our lives has made it a better, safer, healthier and more efficient world to live in.

Importantly, these sophistications are here to stay forever! One can only expect further enhancements in each of the respective sectors detailed here.

Your business must evolve higher. Let the best in the business automation consultant help you in your endeavor. Get in touch now!

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