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5 Productivity Tools Your Business Needs Post-Covid

Initially, when the Covid-19 Pandemic set in, it severely dented the work environment worldwide. It became mandatory to stay indoors and most Governments insisted on it and even enforced harsh restrictions on our mobility.

However, the world soon realised that the wheels of the economy had to keep turning. Businesses had to function effectively, albeit remotely. Today, for most workers, a 9 to 5 job is a thing o the past.

Technology responded admirably and developed essential tools to overcome this massive crisis. Some of the most innovative and productive business tools developed as a consequence are briefly described here.

  • Click-Up

This is arguably the most productive tool that every organization must-have. Effective communication within an Enterprise is priceless. Every single department must work in sync with one another. Click_up offers a wide range of platforms that can assist with internal coordination. Here is an overview:

  1. Everything View: This helps you find almost anything that exists in your organization wherever it may be embedded.

2. Spaces, Folders, List enables every department of the Organization to be assigned to a specific Spaces. The larger projects are assigned to a Folder and the tasks they must achieve are included in a List.

3. 35 plus ClickApps are available to make Task Management easier. For instance, there are task assignment apps like Sprint Points, and Custom Field Data that optimize every minute operation.

4. Sub-tasks and Checklists that assist in simplifying complex tasks into simpler and easy-to-manage smaller sections.

5. The number of related applications permits work to be accomplished in different styles and formats.

  • Trello

Trello is a productivity powerhouse empowered by its visual resources like boards, lists and cards, Every process or operation that is underway can be analysed in detail to evaluate its current status.

1. The boards keep all tasks organized and easy to view their progress in real-time. An estimate of what has been done and what remains is visually displayed to facilitate a single glance view.

2. The Lists provide an easy reference guide of the various task, things to do or already done and further work-flows that must be achieved in a simple easy to estimate format of the progress of the work involved.

3. The cards possess all the relevant information about the tasks being done. Importantly, for every task that gets completed, move into the lists section to reveal their current status.

  • Asana

With Asana one can stay a lot more organised. It provides a larger picture of the project and the best solutions of how to get it done with simple solutions.

All the teamwork underway is synthesized in one place in the manner and personal preference of the organization.

1. With a List view, the planning process is simplified, every team knows precisely what the tasks are at hand on how to prioritise them.

2. By creating a timeline, the estimated time each process may take is identified and provides a useful evaluation system.

3. Appropriate boards can be created for the teams to stay abreast with the progress made and what remains. This helps with streamlining the whole project seamlessly.

4. Asana helps to keep all notes, documents and information in one place to maintain an efficient consistency.

5. Integrating with 200+ related communication sharing platforms, makes workflow visible to all the teams associated with the project, including the teams that may be located elsewhere.

  • Slack

Slack is essentially a messaging program. This facilitates the collaboration of people all around the world to be connected to the project an Organization may be engaged with presently.

1. The sales force at Slack, continuously updates new tools to accelerate team performance. These include the Slack Platform, Digital HQ, Trailblazer DX, and Block Kit among others.

2. The Slack Future Forum Pulse platform demonstrates the negative effects returning to office working environments are having with updated statistics. of how work-related stress anxiety is detrimental to growth and that remote work is preferred.

3. Whenever the need for productivity arises, Slach has solutions with flexible and functional innovative technologies, like the new Slack app for iPad, the new two-column layout and the upgraded SideBar.

Slack provides a better experience for all kinds of work.

  • Zoom

Although Zoom is flexible enough to be advantageous to businesses of all sizes, the impact it has made on small businesses is significant. Small organizations are limited to a limited number of employees with large amounts of varied tasks to be done.,

1. Zoom is easy to set up and use effectively. It requires a one-time investment with no future hidden costs.

2. Zoom enables more than 100 participants worldwide to join in a conference, resulting in faster, swifter communication and the advantage of getting your message across within one meeting.

3. It offers a plethora of platforms for communication like video meetings, cloud phone calls and group chats.

4. Zoom provides stable connectivity with most Operating Systems presently in use. Like Windows Pc, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android making it extremely user-friendly and versatile.

5. It brings a huge return on a low one-month subscription. Importantly, it can engage with Google and Microsoft and integrate with 200+ apps like PayPal and Slack

Final Words

Work patterns have changed forever with most businesses being conducted remotely. One of the silver linings that Covid-19 brought with it was the rapid technological innovations and developments. Research shows that under normal circumstances these advancements in technology would have taken 10 years.

It is given that there will be many newer advancements sooner than before, so fasten your seat belts and take off to keep pace with the rest of the world.

Understandably, it is a difficult proposition for small and medium-sized organizations to integrate with the most suited for a specific business type. You will need an expert helping hand with experts in the know.

Call Alpha BI Consultancy for free advice on these matters and more.

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