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  • Navjyot Gill

Digitizing Organisational Communication


Everyone is talking about Digitizing one’s business these days. According to Gartner, 87% of all executives surveyed were unanimous in their opinion that Digitalization is the way forward. However, when this concept is applied to Communications it assumes a new dimension that is not understood by many.

In a nutshell, Digital communication is any communication that is based on computer technology. Useful for personal as well as communicating information and promotions to broad audiences. The platforms used can be phones, chat and conferencing, messaging, email Social Media, Websites and Apps and video or audio streaming.

Here, we get to the depths of Digitizing Communication and how its integration can be beneficial to small, medium or big businesses.

How Digitizing Business Communication Be Beneficial

Digital technology has changed the business landscape in myriad ways. When it is suitably integrated with all the versatile forms of communication, it enhances the customer relationship with all products, channels and operations and enhances productivity by unveiling newer business opportunities as a consequence.

Effective communication empowers a business t to perform better and attain greater profitability. This was aptly demonstrated during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. It was high-quality communication that came to the rescue. People worldwide were drawn closer, and businesses not only survived but outperformed themselves.

Developing New Communication Platforms

1] Digital Communication can play a major role in Branding, Promotion, Selling, Customer Relationships and Service/Support/Experience/Consulting, Stake-Holder Management, Internal Management, Meeting Management, Employee Relationship Management, Investor Relations, Crisis communication, Change Management, Teamwork, Coaching/Training, Negotiations, and Formal/Informal Communication.

2] With technological advancements in hardware and software, communication has evolved to another level. Employees can now learn new skills from a wide range of programs that may be offered by the company.

3] All the information that may be essential for employees to be familiar with, can be displayed on a Central Screen or a Digital Board in a clear descriptive manner. Consequently, all the employees can stay abreast with the company's goals and targets

4] By empowering employees with updated information and offering them the choice of utilizing Social Media platforms to broaden their horizons with work-related issues and solutions. Also, with advanced internal communication can integrate among themselves more efficiently and more data flows across the company that Managers can analyse and provide useful feedback. Importantly, the entire workforce can be aligned to meet the Final Goals.

Essential Apps For Digital Organizational Communication

1] Sharing: There are times when Large Documents, Files, Presentations, and Photographs/Images need to be shared with others for coordination and further development, Email is one of the most Reliable, Safe and Cost-effective systems that is used widely.

However, there are other times when the Files are too big to fit into Emails when related applications or services can be employed including DropBox.Com and WeTransfer.Com.

2] Co-Creating: When projects have to be developed in collaboration with others, applications like GoogleDrive and OneDrive can be invaluable. Every individual that is engaged with the process can modify the document by adding/deleting sections of the document and sharing them with the concerned parties anywhere in the world. All that the parties need is a common username and password.

3] Video Tools: Often people need to communicate in Real-Time, face to face to discuss and finalize a project instantaneously via video-conferencing applications like Skype and Zoom offer the perfect platforms. Their importance was highlighted more so during the recent Covid-19 pandemic when people couldn't travel or were working remotely.

4] Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat among several others provide excellent communication mediums. Apart from the advantage of enabling them at a personal level, there are thousands of businesses that use these platforms to enhance their benefits. They are good sources of keeping their audience up to date with the latest product/service developments and innovations.

Above all, these are excellent advertising mediums with their astronomical viewership and daily/routinely engagement with millions of people worldwide.

5] Internal Coordination: Team applications like Slack, Click-Up, Asana and Trello have their individual ingeniously designed approaches to communication and coordination within an entire workforce of an organization.

Each one of them has a unique approach to better communication for greater productivity and profitability, importantly, many refine solutions within them offer far greater solutions that every organization must engage with.

6] Online Forums: Forums reside on Websites and have their signature theme where people can have healthy discussions, and share their knowledge and experiences with a single-minded focus on empowering business organizations. Make no mistake, this can be a very effective communication strategy.

Some of the better known Forums include Reddit, MoneySavingExpert, and Mumsnet among several others. some organisations have product-related forums where they encourage people to ask for advice or share their knowledge with other customers.

Final Words:

Communication is the key and can be a major driving force of an organisation. It comes as no surprise that enterprises have designed and adapted hundreds of applications specific to their nature and style of conducting their business and with an enviable track record to display.

Of course, all these strategies look impressive on paper, but the implementation of them with your unique business style is another story. There is a little doubt that you will need a highly accomplished professional to assist you every step of the way!

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