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  • Navjyot Gill

The new world of Digital Marketing.


Gone are the days when business enterprises could run an advertising campaign in newspapers/magazines/TVs or radios etc. Statistics reveal that there are 7.88 billion internet users worldwide which accounts for 59.5% of the world’s population. The Internet has changed the dynamics of business forever!

Digital marketing is an ever-dynamic marketing component. Global ad spending is projected to increase to $441 billion in 2022, $485 billion in 2023, and $526 billion in 2024. Despite these figures, 70% of companies are not employing Digital marketing as an effective medium, resulting in being left far behind in the race for business supremacy and may soon disappear from the scene as other active players replace them.

How Digital Marketing can help you?

Consumers can be reached through Websites where most Search Engines [Google, Bing, Baidu, Meta and Amazon among several others] can find you. It is interesting to note that Google alone [92.7%] accounts for 3.5 billion searches a day or 1.2 trillion searches a year, while the others collectively form 7.3% of all searches

⦁ The importance of having a well-designed business website is crucial in these fast-changing times. Besides, having all the relevant information displayed on your website can speak volumes about the nature and style of your business or service with relevant blog posts/articles/references. Interestingly, about 7 million blogs are added to the web every day!

⦁ An expert in this arena can Optimize the information on your website effectively, which will help in getting you found more easily in online searches. [SEO]. There are 198.4 million active websites and getting a look-in is important.

⦁ The analysis of your site visits and the corresponding questions or e-mail data received can provide concrete data to pinpoint what your customer's requirements are and the best marketing management strategies / or advertising campaigns to employ. [SEM].

⦁ Interestingly, 5.25 billion people use the internet daily and increasing by 8.2% every year, with Asia having the largest number [2.8 billion] users.

The Importance of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Social Media is one of the most important activities on the internet with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram holding the majority.

It is plain as daylight how these can play a dominant role in digital marketing. on the various social media platforms, there were an estimated 4.2 billion users at the beginning of 2021, this volume is expected to exceed 4.72 billion by 2024! This suggests that 6 out of 10 people will be on Social Media alone.

The Role of a Digital Marketing Agency

This is precisely where an efficient digital marketing agency can play a critical part. With the ever-increasing competition, every business must have a noticeable presence online. In today’s tech-savvy environment, a business must have a quality website to start with, accompanied by a high-quality social media presence to compete with either local or international e-commerce companies, along with the SEO and SEM strategies.

Most competitors or nearest rivals are already employing suitable digital marketing practices, and to help you stay ahead in the game, a competent digital marketing agency is a must-have!

Some of the key differences a digital marketing agency can make include:

⦁ Optimizing digital platforms/websites: This goes beyond just sending online newsletters, advertisements, brochures etc. One needs to have a good digital presence with effective online campaigns and utilise the best resources available to target the precise audience.

⦁ Analysis of Online Data: A good digital marketing agency has the essential resources to pinpoint the behaviour or patterns of proposed customers that visit your sites and how to determine the most effective ways to reach out to them, besides gathering other relevant data to increase organic traffic by altering the SEO strategies already in place.

⦁ Enhancing Concepts: Digital marketing agencies can incorporate the latest technological developments to further provide data to target specific groups from their mobile usage patterns and develop newer strategies to reach out to them.

⦁ Re-positioning/re-branding: From the data available, digital marketing agencies can re-design a campaign or introduce a new brand name that can be more effective.

⦁ Improving internal coordination: An efficient digital marketing agency can help in optimizing the internal resources of a company for better coordination and results. Getting all the important internal management of a company on the same page can produce far better results. Everyone must know the objectives and what the ultimate goal is.

The Importance of Having a Competent Digital Marketing Agency in Surat

Surat, is an established and enterprising business centre, not only in Gujarat or India but, Internationally as well.

Surat is considered to be the diamond capital of the world, besides its reputation as an important textile and garment manufacturing hub cannot be undermined.

It makes complete sense that every business in Surat [Big or Small] must be appropriately positioned on the Worldwide Web!

Final Words

Although the effectiveness of Digital marketing has been firmly established, staying ahead with the latest trends and technological advancements and customising them to suit every individual business profile is the name of the game.

Let the best in this domain, Alpha BI Consultancy take you to greater heights!

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